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Re: Advice plz!! Chase Freedom !! (and some questions about score reports)

You only have one Hard Pull on your Transunion report based on what you posted.  The Promotional and Account Review inquiries appear to be soft.


I have no experience with BofA or Chase yet, so unfortunately I can't chime in on that.  Good luck though!  As mentioned, your scores are definitely above average and you have some good revolving account history.  Both things should count in your benefit with whichever lender you decide to apply for.


As far as the high balance, I like to think that a high balance shows creditors you have used your card and have been able to pay your debts.  I like to think of that as a positive.  However, many others would disagree, but as far as you are concerned it shouldn't be anything to worry about.  Your high balance is within your credit limit, which is probably the most important thing.

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