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Re: Thank you Discover....

jsucool76 wrote:
Mid cycle reporting paired with .25% CB until $3000 spend makes this card seem lame. XD

It's a subprime approval, until the recent changes circa June from other lenders it was a reasonable card I think.  Now I have to agree I don't know if it really makes any sense, that may be a part of the reason Discover is reportedly phasing it out in favor of the IT?  Wouldn't surprise me if the reward structure changes a little too.


AFAIK there's nothing illegal with reporting mid-cycle, a non-trivial number of lenders do this for various reasons.  I don't know about that statement generation bit though, that does seem unique to them and it's not exactly a huge cost savings not to generate an electronic statement at least.  I think most people have gone paperless at this point on their credit cards?

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