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Re: BOFA graduation - halfway
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Tran92 wrote:

Revelate wrote:
It was a full year, perhaps a little early but I didn't call in like YC did which may have triggered an unsecuring from a nice rep.

You can request that it unsecures though, the rep actually stated that was the more common unsecuring trigger in her experience, and perhaps I didn't have to wait the full year but it also didn't hurt me any to do so. Accomplished everything I wanted to do FICO-wise and credit-wise so feelin no pain regarding the somewhat disappointing unsecuring.

Since you waited a full year..Did you have to pay the annual fee or was that waived when graduating to an unsecure?


It's not waived when one unsecures, though my one year statement hasn't closed yet this month and I suspect the AF will be there.  Some people have reported some (limited) success with getting the AF waived or PCing to the AF-less version but personally I have no interest in poking the bear as it's clear they didn't consider me to be an ideal customer anyway and based on the other stories on this forum I suspect I would've been told to pound sand as the majority of people have been.


I'm OK with that though, this card factors into my credit plans in the future and isn't terrible anyway, eventually it'll likely get PC'd to something else and in the meantime I don't mind paying the $39 AF for a useful tradeline I'm going to keep indefinitely.  It'll take a decade to come even close to the amount I spent financing an unsecured installment loan tradeline when I was deep subprime, and nowhere close to the amount I paid in interest financing a subprime auto loan even if I keep it for the rest of my life even if I hit the century mark (low chance of that happening).



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