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Re: Help and Advice with UTI and Credit Scoring?

From what I can tell you have a pretty good understanding of what you need to do to get your score to the best place possible.  Yes, having the lowest possible utilization on your cards will help your score.  The popular theory says have 5 of your 6 cards report $0, and have the sixth card report 1-9% utilization.  But it's hard to tell if that will actually get you your best score.


Here's what I think: Given your positive history (no baddies, great job), the lower you can get your utilization, the better.  However, there will likely be a point where it won't matter.  For example, could you get your score up by 10 points by reporting a lower utilization, perhaps.  But does 10 points REALLY matter when you have such great scores already?  Do what is best for your finances, pay down your balances if you can, and find the lender with the best interest rates possible.  Your scores should get you a perfectly respectable mortgage rate.  Good luck!

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