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Re: Pruning the Garden
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@ LS2982: I did call them, on the same day I did my app spree. They gave me the same answer I have come to expect from them: At this time we do not have any new features for your account.... granted I have not used their card in a year. It's a catch 22, since their card offers no real benefits (1% cashback on everything) and has such a low limit I don't feel compelled to use it. To be honest even if the did give me a CLI, the holistic view I have created as a customer concerning Capital One as an entity furthers my decision to not use their card. What really ticked me off was while Chase and Citi both only used (1) inquiry for the two cards they each granted me, Cap 1 used a HP (even thought the executive told me it would only be a SP). These types of situation really make me want to use their card even less.

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