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Re: How many times you can get EQ updated score with myfico score watch per month ?

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You get 2 free daily updates with score watch and after that it's 14.99 to see an updated score.  SW was useless to me as it rarely updated in my case.  Personally hated the service tried to get my money back after 3 days but they said no.  So I kept the service for 3 mo's as the rep I spoke to said it would cancel after 3 mo's.  3 mo's came and it never canceled and they charged me for the next mo. Called back in and a couple of days later I got an email saying I would be refunded.  Still haven't been refunded and I don't recommend the service.  SW does not update immediately and only updated twice ;in the 3 mo's I had it.



What are these "2 free DAILY updates" you are referring too? I think what your actually talking about it how SW gives you 2 free Score Power Reports EACH YEaR and then you can purchase them at a 30% discount, which is pretty good IMO. SW has been absolutely fantastic for me. It has showed a change in my score every time I expected one and sometimes even when I didn't. Plus you get a weekly update of your score, whether there have been any changes to your Credit profile or not. You can set your goal score to your current score to get the most up to date score possible too. I've also had 2 different lenders pull the EXACT same score as SW showed at the time.  I would definitely recommend SW as is has been pretty great. I still have my subscription.

Did you buy Score Power Reports 30% discount ? How does it work ? Can i get updated score every day ?

I actually have NOT bought any additional reports, as I still have one free score report left. after your intial 2 free reports anually, You can purchase the additional ones at the 30% discount pretty easily from what I understand. I honestly don't think you can get a "daily" update here on SW. but there are plenty of cases where you will receive a SW alert such as: A balance increase on one of your accounts will trigger an alert, new Inq's, new accts, etc will get you a SW alert with your current EQ fico. Also, You will receive a SW alert weekly to show any changes in your score.

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