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Re: Capital One card holders...

SwampSystems wrote:

Jlu wrote:
what's the name of the card?

Shows up on my account as Platinum MasterCard. It's a No-Hassle Cash rewards card. IIRC it had a 9-month 0% intro APR that is now 19.8%, and it had a $39 annual fee which I have since had permanently removed.



EDIT: It was also a Credit Steps card. Opened at $500, went up to $750.

I have this card as well. I got it in May 2011 with a $1000 limit, and it "credit stepped" up to $1500 in November of 2011.  I also have a $39 annual fee, which they reimbursed me this past May after it was charged.  I have no real complaint about the card.  I use it quite heavily and PIF before the statement cuts.    Last year I redeemed just over $200 as credit statements.  My last redemption was in April, and so far I've earned about $52 since then.   Maybe ten years from now I'll be one of the lucky ones who gets an auto CLI...LOL

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