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Re: Got First Credit Card - Next Step?

dhon55 wrote:

Hi everyone,


I just got my first credit card--the student card from Wells Fargo as I have posted before, with a $1,600 CL.  Still waiting to receive it.  In August I applied for the Capital One secured card (back when my income was lower), but the income was insufficient so I was denied.


I was just looking for some advice on what to do next.  I would like to have as many lines of credit going as possible to get a good start, but with the two recent inquiries, am wondering what you guys think I should do next.  Should I wait for the Wells Fargo to report until I apply again for anything?  And what should I try to apply for next (or should I wait a while before starting anything?).  With just one card, I feel like I should get another card to have at least two going right now.  Smiley Wink


Just looking for a gameplan!



Damn everyone gets better limits on their WF than I did! lol


I was also denied for the cap1 secured card, but they gave me the plat with a $3000 limit. I would wait for the WF to report (I think mine reported within a week or so), and then maybe try for the citi forward student or something else you can actually make use of. 


Remember cap1 does a triple pull, so you have 1 inquiry from cap1 on each report.