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HSBC Closed My card

HSBC closed my card after reducing my limit from $2100 to $305, I didnt care for the card and never used it after the CL was reduced. My question is now I am left with NFCU visa card, Capone master card and Target store card. Should I apply for another card to maximize my utilization? my fear is that I plan to apply for a mortgage loan in 2 months. my total credit limit is $11,050 with zero balance. my highest limit is $10,000 from NFCU. thank you for your candid response.

Starting Score: EQ: 532, EX: 569, TU: 621 (All lender pull 10/15/11)
Current Score: EQ: 660,lender pull 4/13, EX: 671 lender pull 4/13, TU: 691 lender pull (4/13)
Goal Score: 700

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