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Re: Got First Credit Card - Next Step?

ccnewcc wrote:

Shogun wrote:

Just a suggestion, if you're going to app, do it in spree.  That way HPs all age off at the same time rather than slowly slipping off over months.  Just my personal opinion.

So i may be too new to challenge your advice or to give out my own (and i know that many ppl on this forum love sprees and are sucessful), but aren't app sprees frowned upon?


I read that these socalled app sprees can be seen that a borrower is in bad need of credit and thus a much more riskier applicant.  

Lots of inquiries usually mean desperate for credit, however, many do app sprees because A)all the inqs age off together and B) your AAoA takes all the hit at once as opposed to taking a hit every couple of months.