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Re: I see many vs angel card here. Got a question.

Haha I just tried the shopping cart trick to see if it was really that wasy. Added some random stuff to my card, about $250 worth, and went to check out. As soon as I enter my name and address and click "continue", got a pop-up -


You've been pre-approved for the Angel Credit Card, with a credit limit of $750.

Start earning reward points now.*

it also said that the accounts are backed by WFNB



I'm not going for it, as one of two things would happen if my wife saw the card - Either she'd max it out, or assume I am having an affair Smiley Very Happy.

At least I get a free guage of my current credit-worthiness Smiley Tongue


Don't mean to thread-jack, but while I'm posting I do have a question - is that a pretty standard CL based on what the rest of you see on the pop-up, or am I on the low-end?