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Re: Ever disappointed with the physical look of a card?

calogan wrote:

I finally got my BankAmericard Privledges with Travel Rewards card and tore open the package, to find a card that looks nothing like the one pictures on their website. 


Instead, it looked exactly like their non-Privledges card except for the word "Privledges" and the chip.


Obviously I wanted the card, and I can't be upset with 2% everywhere, but I'll still be pulling out my Sapphire Preferred for the cool factor where I can.


What it should look like:


What it actually looks like:

I have the top picture and the bottom one too. Funny that my CashReward is the top pic style and my travel is the like the bottom picture. They told me that my travel rewards doesnt look like the Cash one becasue it's a platinum plus instead of a Visa sig. But my CL on the Travel is $5K, so not sure why they just didnt make it a Sig.


But the writing on the top card is a joke. I used the card 4-5 times and it just sits in my wallet. The writings are already disappearing.