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Re: Got First Credit Card - Next Step?

SwampSystems wrote:

gettnthere wrote:
@swampsystems, lol what did they give you? I want to be part of that 0.01% Smiley Sad

I went from a $300 Visa and a $500 MC to a $6,000 Visa and a $5,000 MC. I also have friends with Venture cards and several thousand in limits.

my freind went to cabelas with 100 dollars worth of purchases and they asked if he wanted to apply he said sure. they gave him an 8k limit with to my knoweldge no history. he doesn't want to pull his reports. im sure he's an au on some of his parents accounts or something. 


i went in with best buy 14 month history 2500 limit and macy's im not sure what the limit was but had it for a year. and they denied me because lack of credit accounts. 

and got the 7-10 day. at that point i had no idea what a recon number was. but luckily since i built those other cards so far i have not needed to use one. 

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