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Re: Declined for AMEX Green. Advice ?

pat0812 wrote:

I applied yesterday for the amex green and i got declined, because i don't have 6 months credit history (that's what experian report gave amex)

next month i will get to 6 months.

should i try again then ? will my inquiry from last night hurt my chances with  amex in the future or it doesn't matter? i heard a lot of people got approved only after 2-3 applications

if thats the only reason then yes. but i would wait a little longer. i mean since you dont have an amex yet id wait until december to do so. 

then youll get backdating to 2012 no matter when you app again. 

the more inq's will hurt you after a certain amount but they stop being in effect after 1 year and fall off of your reports after 2. 

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