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Re: Declined for AMEX Green. Advice ?

pat0812 wrote:

I have a Wells fargo $300 secured card

Capital One Platinum (unsecured) $500

Walmart Store Card $400


Always PIF and i never go above 9% UTI

Never made a payment late, my report is clean


The only thing is that I have only 5 reported months on my report


So you all say i should wait till December and get my first score to see which card i should apply for ? What are my chances with the green or gold ?

Depends what follows after ZYNC. But in December you should be good to go for Green. 5 months was/is the problem. There should be at least one TL with 6 months reporting.


I would wait until December. The will most certainly pull all three cr, and if you are not approved in November ... Patience is your friend. I know it is hard. But December will still give you 2012 for backdating later.


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