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Re: Finally Got my Cap1 Auto CLI now what?

kpresod wrote:

Lol...geesh! well I called the Exec office, and a really nice lady is currently overlooking my account information. She said she would get back to me with some results, and told me not to worry....then she went further saying whether or not I receive a credit line increase or not she would make sure that I get some type of reward! So I guess I'll just wait it out Smiley Very Happy.

see people like you who are gonna make that exec number just like any other CSR number. What makes you think you deserve a CLI? you have had this card for what 6 months? and the reason you went with cap1 is because you have no history or bad history? i know this forum is for helping people thats why i first shared the Exec number but this is not helping people! these people with no credit/bad credit feel entitle to CL's they dont deserve or cant handle. You guys are just ruining it for the people who deserve the CLI's and have proven it with years of ontime payments.


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