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Re: Finally Got my Cap1 Auto CLI now what?

@tylaw first and foremost! I'm pretty sure I did not post the number/numbers. All I simply stated is that I contacted Cap1's Exec office. I'm most certain that there's more than one exec office(s). Secondly, I was pm'd months ago (take a look at my registration date) with such who are you to tell me that I can't contact the executive office if I believe/deserve a credit line increase/rewards would be necessary to my everyday usage etc....especially being a VALID CUSTOMER like everyone else? Just for the simple fact that I mentioned "exec office" it seems as if it's a big issue for you? do you work for them? If so, then change the number(s) to give yourself a peace of mind. Lastly, this forum is for helping like you stated, and there's nothing wrong with sharing information. Until you find a post of which I posted such information; due all respect mind your business!