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Thank you Navy FCU!

I am one happy ladySmiley Very Happy I woke up to a text message from NFCU saying my UNSECURED n-rewards visa application was approved! I was ready to start the secured option but looks like I won't have to.  I only  have 2 open revolving accounts with very small limits (Cap1-300 and Orchard/Cap1-300). I've paid on time every month for six months so far and Navy Fed gave me $1000. CL. I want to see if they will consider a small increase  to the CL but don't want to seem too greedy. I've read a lot about how generous Navy FCU is and I am trying to rebuild with a current EQ FICO of 579. Do you guys have any advice/tips on how to use this new cc to maximize score and possibly receive auto CLIs from Navy Federal?


Want to treat NFCU good!!!

Starting EQ Fico: 536 (3/12)
Current EQ Fico: 649 (9/13)-lender pull
TU Fico: 684 (8/13) 711-lender pull 9/13
EX Fico: 646 (8/13) 655-lender pull 9/13