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Re: I see many vs angel card here. Got a question.

ninjamike81 wrote:

I have tried to get that popup for the last two days and it wont come up.  is there somthing that can trigger it.  iv had from 100 to 300 in the cart and still nothing...

From what I understand, the info you enter has to match what's on file with the CRAs exactly as they soft you for pre-approval.  It used to be that you needed to have created a user account on the website.  I have had success lately however with just using a guest account and not creating a profile (went on a WFNB shopping cart spree just to see what pre apps I could get).  I cannot get a pre-app for Eddie Bauer to save my life though, although Buckle and Express are perfectly willing to throw credit at me apparently. 


I have seen posts where people have to try multiple times before the shopping cart trick works for them.  I'd keep trying.  A healthy amount in the shopping cart prolly doesn't hurt, and remember if you get the pop-up and accept, you don't have to buy what's in the cart.  Good luck!


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