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Re: Thank you Best Buy

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I opened my Store Card on Black Friday of last year and they gave me $3000 to start which is really great cause they denied me 2 years prior. Fast forward 6 months and they gave me a credit limit increase from $3,000 to $4,500. So just now i thought since the holidays are coming up why not try my luck again for another CLI w/ Best Buy and i got a NO-HASSLE SOFT PULL increase to $6,000.


$3,000 > $4,500 > $6,000 all within my first year of account being opened. No other creditors have came close to that.

Is your Best Buy card a Cap1 card?

I think it could be the Chase version. Cap1 is never this generous!! Congrats Mike360!!


Best Buy has a Chase card version? I was under the impression only Cap1 and Barclay financed Best Buy cards,no?

I don't believe they offer that card anymore..I haven't seen it recently.


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