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Re: Lowes or Home Depot - which is better?
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Duncanrr wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

Well...Home Depot card is backed by Citi. Lowes is backed by GECRB. You'll probably have a better time with Lowes than Home Depot, IMO.

I have Walmart Discover with GECRB.  Ive been wanting to app for Citi Forward card.  Wondering if apping for Citi backed HD would be a good way to setup relationship with Citi so I could app for their card after refi in 8 months?

I doubt it. A lot of people thought they would get on Discover radar with Walmart Discover. Citi can kick rocks as farrrrr as I'm concerned. I applied to their card several times and they always deny me for stupid reason. They even have stupid reasons when you call to recon! I have Chase freedom now...GO away Citi! Lol.


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