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Re: Pulled the trigger early!

Dustink wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

I pulled the trigger earlier than expected on the Chase Freedom card!! My plan was to wait until my UTIL was down before applying for the card but I was in a good mood. So glad I went ahead with it!! Was instantly approved!!


So of course you get THIS message when you apply online.


Called the backdoor number to find out my limit!! It's $3k and standard APR 22.9% after 15 month 0% intro APR. SOOO EXCITED! Happy dance! So highest limit "regular" card!!

Are you sure they gave you the promo APR?


I was just approved for $5k and they did not approve the promo apr.



Those were the terms I applied under. I don't think they can suddenly revoke those terms--for a good reason I suppose. You should call about your card and ask.


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