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Re: Lowes or Home Depot - which is better?

+1 maidengirl... Citi can kiss it... the only card I'd consider app'ing for them is the Diamond... LOL... but that'd only be for the 0% for 18 mos, which I don't need lol as most of my cards are already at 0%...Citi always denied me in the past; they aren't worth it atm. OHH maidgengirl, you want that Forward card!!!!! :-P


Citi was SO RUDE to me on my recon back in like Jan of this year, even with a 670+ FICO... my only reason for denial was bc of a PD CO for $280 back in like '06- it was even on my CR disputed as a fraud account (which it was/is).


GECRB and DFS (Disc Fin Svcs) are not related LOL


ooo speaking of that!!! I got the new Walmart Discover design in the mail the other day... looks more legit without "Walmart" scrolled across the card HAHA

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