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Re: Ever disappointed with the physical look of a card?
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injustifiiable wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

Yes! All the time! I have a Cap1 card and I decided to use the IMAGE creator thingy on their site to order a new card since mine was fading quite a bit. The card looked MUCH better on the site...when I got it, it was soo ugly that I actually shredded it up.

LOL +1...I've actually changed cards 3 times, but I can use any one at anytime since the CCV and EXP date didn't change. I have the standard design, and two others, one with a train locomotive and another one of a NYC Subway car.


I can't remember what the name of the design was but it was something already on their site.. you can use it once every 30 days. I didn't know they kept the same Exp date tho until I had gotten it.


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