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Re: Lowes or Home Depot - which is better?
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youngandcreditwrthy wrote:

Well... I have a real Discover(got it last week), and I got upgraded to the Walmart Discover back in May...

I noticed the website has the orange design on there, so I called to inquire if I would be getting a new card; they were rude and said my card was good til the expiration date on the card LOL.... so I just requested a replacement card online to see if I'd get the new orange design, and I did.... lol took like three days for it to get here... I also live in the same state as where the card is shipped from (Texas)....


If you want the orange one, just request a replacement online!! :-) It actually looks like a real Discover btw...

Hehe no need. I have a real Discover only my card is red with a flower (thank god) LOL. I still have yet to use my Walmart Discover card. It's blue and sparkly. Ha! It's funny that you live by the shipping site and it takes 3 days...that seems long.


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