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I'd like a new credit card... Which cards should I be applying for?

I just checked my Equifax score, and it looks like its 772.  I would like a new credit card as a "just in case."  I use my Amex Zync card 99% of the time, but I'd like something else: A) If somewhere doesn't accept American Express or B) Just for additional bonuses (cash back, points, etc).  I also plan on buying a laptop ASAP, so if I'm able to get a card that has 6-12 months of 0% financing that'd be very beneficial.  I was just going to go to Best Buy and take advantage of their 0% 18 month financing, but I'd rather have a card I can continually use (I rarely, if ever shop at Best Buy lol).


Is there a resource, or does anyone know what kind of cards I should be applying for in this range?