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Re: I'd like a new credit card... Which cards should I be applying for?

Well since you are looking to mainly use it in the event someone doesn't accept AMEX there is a chance they will not accept Visa or Discover either so I'd stick with Mastercard for 99.99% acceptance worldwide. I would also stick with a no foreign transaction fee card since if you ever plan to travel you won't use your AMEX due to lack of acceptance and foreign transaction fees. So a no foreign transaction fee Mastercard..


The choice that would come to my mind would be the Chase Sapphire Preferred Mastercard with a 40,000 point ($400+) sign up bonus although after the first year you would have to justify the $95 AF, which isn't hard to do if you use it for the 2% food/travel. This card is 15% with no 0% intro, but I'm sure the sign-up bonus would offset any interest charge.


Don't forget, you have to go through to get the Mastercard version CSP application.

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