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Re: Capital One and PRIME Customers... Anyone asking for CLI on them??

CA: I haven't seen people WITH limits that high on a cap1 card, but I know their primes go up to 30k or so, so asking for a CLI shouldn't be an issue. AFAIK they treat the prime customers differently. 


Ray has a 5k limit on his cash rewards siggy visa, but I read a post by him where he was able to push ~20k through it in a single purchase and pay it off thanks to the NPSL Siggy feature, so they do treat their World MC / Visa Siggy cardholders pretty nicely. 



csol47 wrote:

Capital one and prime is a bit of a joke... they can't really compete with the best cards out there. I suppose the saving grace being that they have no ftf's on the no AF  cards, but those also don't have chips and can be a hassle (pun intended) overseas. I'm pre-selected for all the prime cards after cancelling all of the subprime ones in one fell swoop. Ironic but I don't think I'm interested. They're just quite up to par with other offers and their system/customer service is lacking. Whether that's improved for the prime cards is a great question....I've heard rumors to the contrary, but perhaps for CLI's.

Their prime cards are actually pretty cool, definitely decent considering the fact that most of the primes have no AFs, and a 2% return on the Venture for a $59 AF isn't a bad deal if you ask me. Sure the card doesn't earn actual miles, but I definitely wouldn't call it a joke.