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Re: Cap 1 Executive Office Email

recentlyme wrote:

Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to register.  The information on this forum has helped my credit immensely, thank you!


I have a secured Cap 1 card with a $300 credit line- I got it at the beginning of this year.  Since then, my credit has improved by a lot (in the low 700's now)- I have several prime cards, no baddies on the CR's.  I'd like to email Cap 1 to ask for an increase, or to convert to another card (already tried calling the regular number).  I figured it would be a last ditch attempt, since I don't want to pay the AF this January without an increase.  Anyway, would anyone mind sharing the executive office email with me, or any email address that might give me a shot at an increase?  Thanks!

The number is on page 7 of this thread.


I haven't seen the email anywhere yet. Be aware they will not change your secured card to an unsecured no matter what you do. It is a well known policy that they do not graduate their cards. Some people do see unsecured CLIs on their secured accounts, but I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't graduate your card even if you had it for 10 years. 


If your scores are in the 700s why do you still have this card? I would close it and just get better ones. There is no reason to have a $300 CL secured card with scores in the 700s.