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61 Day CLI: >3x?
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Plenty of chit chat about the 61 day CLI all over the web, but what I haven't seen mentioned is whether people try for and get CLIs greater than 3x.  


Amex thinks they took a risk on me by handing me a $1200 True Earnings.  Based on my report at the time, they weren't wrong to think that.  However, between the True Earnings and the Gold, I've charged about $3200 over the past 2 months.  It's not a huge amount, but it's decent.  I was restricted by the True Earnings limit and the fact that I've decided MR points don't do much for me right  now.  Most of my spending has been on the Freedom and More.  $7700 through the More and $4600 through Freedom.


My CLI day is today and I'm going to hit the button when I get home.  With the More reporting a $16k limit and the Freedom at $5k, I have an urge to ask for more than 3x the current limit.  $3600 just isn't all that much, relatively speaking.  


Does anyone have experience getting a 61 day CLI larger than 3x?


EDIT - about 45 seconds after posting this, I thought to myself, "wow, that's really up there on the scale of problems to have."  I imagine a similar issue showing up in a tweet from some ignorant teenager: "Will @amex #CLI me on my @costco card?  OMG can't decide!  #FML"