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GE Lowes CLI Recon Success

So I requested a CLI from $1,000 to $2,000 on the 1st of October through the automated phone system, denied and letter mailed.  Well I got the letter and I usually don't read them but this one I noticed that they had used an old pull that they had done from back in July 2012.  I called the general number and eventually got to a person, who read a nice script, I requested to speak with someone in the underwriting department which she hesitantly transferred me to.  After verifying income and holding while they reviewed a fresh credit report (soft pull) I was granted the CLI, Wooooo.  SInce July I have purchased a house and a new car and I believe one baddie fell off so I wanted to be sure if I was denied it was on my new information, just goes to show you that perseverance does pay off.

Current Scores EQ (697) Tu (740) EX (705) Amex pull
Current Cards- Amex PRG(NPSL), Amex Zync (NPSL), Amex Hilton Honors Surpass ($3000), Chase Sapphire Preferred ($12,000), Citi Simplicity ($10,900), Southwest Visa Signature ($10,500), Discover It ($4250), FNBO Amex ($4,000), First National Credit Card ($2000), Capital One Platinum ($2500 and $1750), Lowes ($6000) , Walmart Discover ($6000).