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Re: 61 Day CLI: >3x?

Duncanrr wrote:

I would stick to the 3x CLI request.  You have some good limits on the other cards and not knowing your DTI ratio I would tend to be more cautious.  Get the 3x CLI now and in 6 months then go for more. 


While I havent researched it here, I imagine that the mantra of 3x CLI at 61st day has been fairly tested in the past.  AMEX had a reason to give you the limit they did and I doubt little has changed in the 2 months since you started using the card to really change their mind too much.

Ye of little faith, Duncan.  I've removed a collection in that time and increased my FICO by more than 20 points.


But really, what's the worst they can do?  Counter?  Decline?