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Paypal Bill Me Later

Just got an offer, anyone have this?

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

obageegee wrote:

Just got an offer, anyone have this?

If you're in the building stage of your credit life, I wouldn't go for it since it doesn't report, and would probably go for PP extras mastercard or smart connect. If you want a little hidden tradeline it is pretty decent from what I've heard. 

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

Yes I do. Beware that regardless of what anyone (including CSR's) tells you, it IS a hard pull. They give you 6 months no payments I think - BUT - make sure you write it down on your calendar or set an alarm or something because if you forget about it (which is what they hope you do) they charge interest retroactively to the opening of the account. Other than that enjoy buying now and paying later.

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

I don't need any more HP's just wondering...

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

Got one by email today but I am trying to be good and not have any inquiries on my report so i just ignored it. 

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

I got one too.   Staying in the garden though!

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

I have Bill Me Later too, no it doesn't report to the agencies so yea if you're trying to build a history, Bill Me Later is useless in that department. I haven't noticed a HP on my CRs yet. I've had it for about a month.

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

It is an unusual account.


No reporting to CB, unless you default.  So you can use deferred interest without effecting your utilization.


Lot of deffered interest deals for 6 months or more.   Deffered interest means you are charged interest from the date of purchase, if you don't pay it off in time.


You can try to charge over your CL anytime you want (no HP) and they will accept or decline right then.    So CL grow incrementally and dynamically.   


DW is very happy with it.


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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

There were grumblings some months back that they were going to begin reporting, but no idea if there is any truth to that or not. Just be prepared for the possibility, I guess.

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Re: Paypal Bill Me Later

Seems like many has received this offer! I got an email today stating I was pre-approved. Guess the holidays are approaching quicker than expected!

Dont know yet if I am gping to app for it though....

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