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Re: 61 Day CLI: >3x?

Duncanrr wrote:

djrez4 wrote:

Duncanrr wrote:

I would stick to the 3x CLI request.  You have some good limits on the other cards and not knowing your DTI ratio I would tend to be more cautious.  Get the 3x CLI now and in 6 months then go for more. 


While I havent researched it here, I imagine that the mantra of 3x CLI at 61st day has been fairly tested in the past.  AMEX had a reason to give you the limit they did and I doubt little has changed in the 2 months since you started using the card to really change their mind too much.

Ye of little faith, Duncan.  I've removed a collection in that time and increased my FICO by more than 20 points.


But really, what's the worst they can do?  Counter?  Decline?

Flag your account and decide to hit you with FR, comes to mind.  If you want to go for it then see what they say.  I'll be going for my 3x CLI on Nov. 23 for my Delta card (going to ask for 6k as my current CL is 2k).

Not particularly afraid of financial review.  I have the docs to back up my income.