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Amex Platinum credit on card question?

So about a month ago I posted on here about how I got approved for a Platinum card from Amex. Anyways I’ve been using it I put a hotel on it and 4 plane tickets plus some everyday things like gas, food and what not. Anyways the bill was up to about $1,800 so I thought I would pay it so it had a $0 balance. That went ok until yesterday when I see that the Hyatt for some reason credited my account for the amount of the same I have no idea why I’ll find that out later. Then today I got Delta credits for $200 from the airline benefits. Now my account has a credit of $822. Does Amex look at this like it bad? Should I try and use up the credit ASAP or do they not care and just think well he’ll use it sooner or later?