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Re: Amex Platinum credit on card question?

twelfthjoe2 wrote:

So about a month ago I posted on here about how I got approved for a Platinum card from Amex. Anyways I’ve been using it I put a hotel on it and 4 plane tickets plus some everyday things like gas, food and what not. Anyways the bill was up to about $1,800 so I thought I would pay it so it had a $0 balance. That went ok until yesterday when I see that the Hyatt for some reason credited my account for the amount of the same I have no idea why I’ll find that out later. Then today I got Delta credits for $200 from the airline benefits. Now my account has a credit of $822. Does Amex look at this like it bad? Should I try and use up the credit ASAP or do they not care and just think well he’ll use it sooner or later?

Not an issue. If you don't use it for some period of time they will eventually just send you a check for it. I think the Amex T&Cs discussed how they handled credit balances.

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