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Re: Help me plan my app spree

djrez4 wrote:

beerdrinker wrote:


- Apply for a Nordstrom Signature Visa.

 Placing them first due to their Inq. sensitivity.  Hoping that being approved for their Signature Visa will give me some nice CLIs in the future.


- Apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred.

 Not Inq. sensitive as Nordstrom, but I should still have 2 Inq. when I do so.  I know they like to see how you treat $5000 TLs and my Discover takes care of that prerequisite.


- Apply for an American Express.

 I'm thinking of applying for a Gold Preferred Rewards charge card, but open to the idea of a BCP if the consensus is that I'll get approved.


I will apply for all these cards the same day so they all age evenly and my AAoA recovers after 6 months.


Thoughts, opinons? I'm open to other Credit Card suggestions.  Thanks You for reading. 

My thoughts - 


Do you shop at Nordstrom a lot?  If you're getting the Nordstrom card just for Signature benefits, the CSP is a Visa Signature as well.  Same Signature benefits, but much better rewards program.  I just got the CSP this week with 9 inquiries on Experian.  They asked me about my new accounts, but didn't think too much of it.  Two inquiries is nothing.


Compare the regular Gold and PRG carefully before you decide to apply.  I made the mistake of applying for the regular Gold.  It didn't come with a signup bonus, which was a big bummer, but maybe I wouldn't have properly utilized the points multipliers enough to justify the extra $50 AF.  Who knows?  In hindsight, I wish I has skipped the charge card (or maybe grabbed a Zync while it was still available).  With the Chase Trifecta, I don't see myself using it much.  On the other hand, the BCP is a whomper of a card with the 6% back on groceries.


I think you're better served using the CSP as a travel card, skipping the Nordstrom, and getting the BCP instead of the PRG.  Come January, I'll have the exact same wallet, credit gods willing.  Chase Trifecta for most purchases, BCP for groceries.

Yes, I shop at Nordstrom a lot.  It is at the top of my list, because from all accounts they are quite generous with their CLIs.  Since they are so INQ sensitive, I wanted to apply for it first before the CSP.


Would it be wiser to just apply for the BCP and stay out of the charge cards? My logic tells me that since Amex is less strict with their charge cards it would be easier for me to get in with them after closing my Optima.


Thanks for your input.