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Re: What's the limit for a toy card?

TheConductor wrote:
I would say a card has a toy limit if it doesn't provide enough credit for the customer to comfortably charge and pay-in-full his monthly expenses with one payment.

If we're looking for a reasonably objective definition of "toy limit", I'd say this is it.

There's still going to be some variance based on one's lifestyle and geographic location, but this makes a good rule of thumb.


Could the average single person put all of their monthly expenses other than rent/mortgage on that card and be within that limit? If not, it's a "toy" limit.


For a college kid spending a gap year living in Thailand, that $500 Capital One card is hardly a "toy" limit since her expenses are easily going to fit within that limit.

But for any typical single person living in a mid-size or larger US city, however, the same card is probably a "toy".


As for those who adjust their perception of toy limits as their own credit limits increase, I respectfully submit that perhaps we should have a different term. When your max limit is $9000 and you get a $2000 CL on a new card, that's not really a useless limit, but it certainly feels like an affront.


Ergo, I suggest that perhaps the true bon mot for those situations is: insulting limit.  Smiley LOL

lol thank you for this. 

500 on one cards is too little for me for obv reasons. 

i pay about 1000 a month in bills not including regular spendings. 

but im just as fine as putting it through debit vs credit but im trying to build credit.

my debit card has a 10000 limit for purchases. so its like an automatic charge card =)


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