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Re: Does Chase Blacklist?

Following up on my app from last week. I received a letter in the mail today. Denied for the following reasons -


Credit report reflects a bankruptcy

Credit report shows a tax lien, public record or collection

Credit report reflects charge off(s) or bad debt collection(s)


I guess all of the above is correct -


So, bankruptcy - check

Tax liens - check (a few of those)

Bad dept/collections - check


All of these were from before my bankruptcy that was discharged 2/2010. Report was pulled from EX.  They don't list anything that makes me think that I'm listed because of the account that I had with them that was included in my BK. 


I wonder if I should bother trying again in 2 years or don't bother until the BK falls off. That will be gone before the tax liens are.


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