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Re: Bank of America Customer Service

discernment wrote:

I was approved for a Bank of America Travel Card and it came in the mail just fine -- no problems there.  However, after I activated the card and went to enroll in online banking, that is when the problems began.  I could not enroll in online banking -- error messages galore!!!  SO, I called the customer service telephone number on the back of the card.  I explained that I could not enroll in online banking because the only result I got were error messages.  After answering A LOT of questions, the CSR said, "oh it looks like you are credit card customer, not a checking/savings customer."  I thought that was an odd thing for a CSR to say who I thought was working in the credit card department.  Apparently, calling the number on the back of the credit card does NOT necessarily put you through to the credit card department.  :smileyindifferent:  


Anyway, I was then transferred to the credit card department.  I explained everything ALL OVER AGAIN, I had to go through answering ALL their questions yet again -- at this point I was extremely frustrated but, I did not let it show, I continued on politely, keeping a sweet demeanor, in spite of all.  The CSR from the credit card department told me "Since you are new customer and we value your business, we want you to have a pleasant experience SO, I am going to shut down your account and create a brand new account for you and I will expedite new cards by Federal Express which you will receive on Monday."  I was told this on Friday.  Monday came and went and no cards.  SO, I called and I was told the original account had been shut down BUT, no new account had been set up and, no new credit cards had been ordered to be expedited through Federal Express. :smileymad:


The CSR I spoke to today did not give me the "since you are a new customer, we value your business, we want you to have a pleasant experience" line -- NO -- the person I spoke with today acted like that was that -- no new account -- no cards, no nothing.  I had to ask him if he would not mind to set up a new account and issue new cards.  He was like "oh, okay, I thought you didn't want an account." 


I had to ask him to expedite the cards, he did not offer to do so -- he didn't offer anything -- he acted like he was upset that he was expected to do some work.  In the final windup, hopefully, he did set up a new account.  He told me that he would expedite new cards and to expect them through Federal Express on Thursday.  


I am not holding my breath.  I am wondering if I should contact someone higher up to report my UNPLEASANT experience?  Actually, I don't have any idea who to call since calling the number on the back of the credit card they sent me did not yield a credit card specialist, but rather, someone who worked in checking/savings!!!   I don't know who to go to, or, whether I should even try!   And, what if these new cards also have a glitch that won't allow me to enroll them in online banking?  Mercy!  I am frustrated with this experience.


What would you do?

That's why i do not call the number on the back of my cards I look in the Backdoors Sticky in this forum and get a american that knows what their doing the first time. The people at the Backdoors for Bank of America are so nice and thank you for your business before the cards come in the mail.


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