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Re: App for another Amex or Request a CLI with Chase.....

tonyaether wrote:
I am weighing options of which would be more productive. Should I app for another Amex for backdating purposes after I reach the 1 year mark in Dec or would it be better to request a CLI with Chase? Chase has really not grown for me over the last 2 years. I am not really sure what they don't like about my spending patterns. I want to close out CareCredit when I make the choice. Since both will result in a HP, assuming I would be approved for both (have no idea), I am trying to see which would be better to do. I am thinking taking the HP with Chase would work out better since it wouldn't be a new account. However, I am unsure if Amex wouldn't report as a new account even with backdating.

is the other amex from '12? it shouldnt be a new account perse. its up to you. do you want to add another card? 

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