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Re: What is the point of the Amex (vanilla) Blue?
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FicoTron wrote:

Since the Amex rewards site has been "down for maintenance" for nearly the past 6 months, it makes the blue as well as all of its charge cards FAR less valuable.  So glad I opted for the BCP.  Is anyone else furious about this?

+1  Without that bonus points mall, all MR cards have lost some appeal, no doubt.  Though, the regular Blue does have some value (compared to the Cash and Sky) for two reasons.  The first is lower standard interest rates, so if you sometimes carry balances that is something to keep in mind.  But its primary value is that it is a no annual fee card that earns MR points.  Yes, they are express points for now, but you can accumulate them for as long as you want and then apply for a Green, Gold, or Plat and those accumulated MRE points transform into full MR points.

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