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Re: What's the best strategy to get walmart CLI

snsforever916 wrote:

What is your credit look like? If you do not have any recent baddies you can do what I just did. I have had the card less than 30 days. I also started out with a $500 limit. I called the backdoor number and asked for $500 cli so that I can take advantage of the 18 month free financing on electronic purchases of 429+. You could try that. I personally put 175 purchase and I will PIF in a couple days.


I do have a JCP that I never requested a CLI since 2001. It started out at $200 and went down to $100 due to inactivity. It was increased to $800 once I started using it mid 2011. Last month I got a $200 CLI bringing it to $1000. I will also request CL from now on. Also, I will say that if you PIF and use it at least every other month you will get CLI. I would use it less than 30% of total CL and PIF every month. Just whats worked for me YMMV!

+1 do this...


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