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Re: Should I go for it?!?

cmthomas06 wrote:

I was setting up my Express Next account and a pre-approval popped up! Im happy with my cards and not looking to add any, but on the flip side, I do shop there a lot. Thoughts/opinions? Is it a decent card that will grow or will I be stuck with a toy limit? (the APR is CRAZY high, 24.9%!)

If you shop at Express often it goes on the list of cards that you are almost  STUPID if you don't get! and getting it with no HP makes it even better!

They can be a little slow at first, you will probably start at $500 or so... and may not see first increase until after 8 or 9 months but then they usually take off with AUTO CLI very regularly, I have only had to request once in the past when I have had them... 

Coupons are frequent and if you ge tup to the premier level (What ever they call that, it's new now) it gets really good.

Not to mention they will let you divide your purchase up as many times as you want, I try to shop during week or day on a friday a sale is or something and if i do it on weekend, I try to get myself organized with what items are going to be in what transaction, but usually they are very cool about it...

it was last year but these 3 people (have no idea what or why) but they literally bought $2900... I SOOOO wanted to ask the guy paying if he would swipe his amex on my Square account and let me pay for his express purchase, of course i couldn't take the whole thing... actually unless changed nobody could do that on Express account because the max CL is $2740.00 (My friend has it, requested increase and got letter saying Express CL's do not go higher) Anway, he threw like $900 down drain if not more that day based on coupons i had!!!

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