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Re: Amex CLI timing?

As a simple exercise in credit self control, I suggest waiting a couple more days unless there is some super pressing need right this minute to get the credit increase.  I never understand these (almost obsessive) threads about how to calculate the 61 days, whether from account approval or activation, etc.  If you're unsure, is it really a big deal to wait a couple more days?  I'm waiting for the discussion of whether the 61st day, or 6 month period, starts at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, or whether you have to wait to the hour that you activated your account.


On the flipside, I'm pretty sure if you apply early, it just says you are ineligible or something like that, and you can apply again whenever the correct time is, i.e., it doesn't reset the 6 month clock if you jump the gun.  I know there are threads about this.  A few searches should be able to confirm.



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