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Internal Scoring?



What is the point of FICO scores if banks are going to use their own Internal Scoring? I called the Citibank back door no. and after much back and forth about a cli denial I was told that they don't look at my fico score of 778, that they use their own internal scoring. I then asked what that meant since that is what will be reported on the letter I am to receive which tells me nothing. After waiting 10 minutes she comes back and says basically I don't use the card enough. It's a 2k line and I just paid off 1800. in August. So how I asked is that not using the card enough, it's at 180. now and I've had the card for 2 years. At the same time ( I did them together) we got approved for another one of their cards, not as old and 3k line. I mentioned this and she basically had no answer.  We have a 20K Amex card, a 10K BOA card and some dept. stores and care credit. What I think it is is that I don't work outside the home and this card is in my name only whereas the other card my husband is the primary. I only have one dept. store card in my name only. But why not say that.


Also, the email you get states: "Our decision was based in whole or in part on information already on file with us from one of the consumer-reporting agencies listed below. Please note that the agency played no part in our decision and will be unable to explain the reason your request was denied."


Isn't that contradictory?