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Re: Internal Scoring?

You are misreading the sentence. It is stating that the consumer reporting agency that supplied your credit information was not involved in the decision to grant or deny you credit. This sentence appears somewhere on all denial letters from all issuers. So you can't call Transunion (or whomever) and ask why you were denied a Citi CLI, since they won't know and weren't involved in the decision.


Bottom line, they declined you based on internal algorithms, not based on an externally generated score. Just about every issuer does this to some extent. Citi has a very different internal algorithm than Amex- Amex is spend-centric, Citi is balance-centric. My wife carried a balance of 15k on one of her Citi cards after our wedding and in the following year, they gave her auto CLIs of 5 and 10k after not getting any CLIs for the previous 10 years. OTOH, Amex keeps denying her CLIs because she took advantage of a BT offer on her clear a few years ago and is still slowly paying off that balance. Same exact activity pattern, Citi rewards and Amex punishes. 

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