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Re: Adding under 18 as authorized user on amex

jd5189 wrote:

injustifiiable wrote:

They have to be at least 15.


Looks like they aren't backdating AU's cards to the Primary cardholder's member date...hopefully they will get backdated when they get their own cards later on.

Even this is seeming to disappear. I have seen some people successful with backdating when they were an AU. But, more recently, Amex's policy for backdating is only applicable to members who were the primary account holder. I imagine, in the future, the chances of this will not at all be happening.

+1  Amex requires additional cardmembers to be atleast 15.  Even if they could somehow get a card, counting on Amex backdating them to this year 17 years from now is hoping for a lot.  I realize you're trying to do your kid a favor, but frankly, it's just way to early to worry about your kid's credit.

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