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Re: Should I apply? I'm nervous.

Objectivist wrote:

I want to apply for the citi forward student card...My scores are all about 710-720. Should I do it? I have 3-5 inq's on each account. Anyone know if it's instant approval? Do you think I'll be approved? I'm a college student with a 3 year long history.

3 years and you are 21 or 3 years history and you are how old.

If you have 700+ score and have other credit cards over $2k limit and income over $20k I would skip the student card and just apply for regular... lots of past topics show an irritation of either being able to or not able to move from student up and beyond.... plus the usually lower locked in CL's (may be wrong, or some have experience, while others not)

But once you have income and good score and credit history you really get no benefits AT ALL to go student vs. regular... in past student cards were designed to allow LOW income, and BUILD NEW credit...

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