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Re: Wally store card to Discover

Ok so I'm dumb.  Do you get the offer in the Mail or Via Email or Via Postal Mail?  I have had my card for about 2.2 years and I got 2 clis in 6 months.  I sit at 2,200$ with 50% Util.  I keep checking under "Offers" but never find anything....

Amex Delta Gold Skymiles $1000 CL; Amex Hilton Honors $1000 CL; Discover $2500 CL; Gap Visa $5500.00 CL; AEO Visa $5000 CL; Walmart MasterCard $5,300.00; Sam's Club Mastercard $8500.00; Barclay's Rewards MC $5400; AMEX PRG NPSL; Wells Fargo Rewards VISA $3,000.00 CL; Barclays AA Silver Aviator MC $4000.00 CL; BOA Better Balance Rewards VIsa $1000 CL; Chase Freedom Visa $3,500; Venture $15,000; Venture One $10,000, Quicksilver Visa Siggy $5000